Java Apps to get GPU Acceleration from AMD

Java apps will run at ludicrous speed using HSA computing! Heterogeneous System Architecture, HSA, combines GPGPU computing with the CPU and is going to improve Java application performance. The benefit of using HSA is that companies are trying to simplify programming from a developers point of view. This means that little to no extra code will be required to see a boost in performance when running an application on a GPU. So, developers only have to spend their time writing code in Java and not import OpenCL libraries and start writing a lot of extra code for the GPU. Therefore, JVM (Java Virtual Machine) will generate and compile Java code and delegate portions of the code to the GPU automatically. The project is called, Project Sumatra.

This speedup could very well boost performance in both new and existing JAva application. Not to mention, this is a trend that other venders (Nvidia, Intel, and Microsoft with C#) will most likely adopt. Thus, a much needed round of applause goes out to AMD and Oracle for pursuing and executing a common sense and much needed improvement for developers.