AMD Reveals 2013 – 2015 GPU Codenames: 8850 and 8870 Specs Leaked

AMD has a lot in store for us over the next few years, so let’s check out whats going on at the Radeon camp. First up are the next codenames of AMD’s next GPU architectures for 2013, 2014, and 2015. In 2013, the next GPUs are going to be given the codename Sea Islands, which are going to be numbered as follows: HD 8970, 8950, 8870, 8850, 8770, 8750, and so forth. After Sea Islands will come Volcanic Islands, which will supposedly compete against Nvidia’s Maxwell architecture and be manufactured at a 20nm processing node. Finally, in 2015, we have Pirate Islands. Even more is unknown about this architecture, but it will most likely remain at a 20nm processing node and deliver an improved architecture.

In addition, according to the chart above, AMD is putting a heavy emphasis on APUs and GPGPU computing. The shift is to make it so that GPUs can aid CPUs when processing common tasks. This means that the GPU can fully assist a CPU in almost any situation.

Next up are on the list are leaked specifications of AMD’s next mid range GPUs that will utilize the Sea Islands architecture. These new 8800 series GPUs falls under the codenamed “Oland,” which is a Swedish island.

According to the sources provided, these GPUs are meant to compete with the GTX 680. This would make sense considering that the HD 8970 and HD 8950 may bring a lot more performance to the table. As we can also see, there is a significant boost in FLOPs and transistor count, and at $279 and $249 USD that’s not a bad deal. Lastly, the release date for the 8 series is speculated to be some time around January 2013.