New iPod Touch Detailed

Continuing on with more announcements, Apple’s new iPod touch has been detailed. The new Touch will be taller like the iPhone 5 and it will also get Siri. Additonally, the Touch will feature a rear 1080p camera and a front 720p camera. Unfortunately, the new iPod Touch does not use the A6 processor found on the iPhone 5. Instead the iPod Touch will use the A5 processor found on the previous iPhone model. With that said, you can check out the full list of specs below:

– 6.1 mm thick, 88 gram (thinnest and lightest iPod touch yet)
– Same 4″ screen as the iPhone 5 (1136×640 Retina Display that has 326 pixels per inch)
– New iPod Touch uses the A5 chip (In contrast the IPhone 5 uses the new A6 processor)
– Not as fast as the iPhone 5’s A6, but still a dual-core chip
– 40 hours of music
– 8 hours of video
– Back facing 5 megapixel camera w/ LED Flash, and backside illumination (versus 8 megapixels in the iPhone 5)
– Capable of recording 1080p video
– iPod touch loop (wrist strap similar to the Nintendo Wii)
– Front facing camera can do FaceTime HD and can capture 720p video
– 802.11 a/b/g/n (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz)
– Bluetooth 4.0 w/LE
– Supports AirPlay gaming via Apple TV
– Now supports Siri
– Available in silver, black, blue, yellow and a red casings
– New headphones (Apple claims 3 years of design went in to this new headphones)
– The new iPod Touch goes for 32GB at $299, 64GB at $399
– Release date sometime in October

Interestingly enough, the 32GB iPod Touch will be $299, which is the same price as the Kindle fire HD. No doubt Apple certainly has a lot of competition cut out for itself in this area. The Touch is expected to be released sometime in October.