New iPod nano Announced

Apple continued their conference by announcing a new iPod Nano in addition to the iPhone 5. The new nano has quite an interesting design as it looks like a hybrid between the old nano and the iPod Touch. Some individuals are claiming that it is reminiscent of something from the 80’s. Unfortunately, the new device will not have wifi or a web browser. You can check out the full list of specs below:

– 5.4mm thick, 38% thinner than the 6th-gen iPod nano
– The volume rocker can be used to play and pause the music, as well as scroll through it
– 2.5″ multi-touch display
– Bluetooth
– Fitness and pedometer apps built in
– Integrates with Nike+ out of the box
– No Wi-Fi
– No web browser
– Lightning connector plugs in on the bottom left side.
– 30 hours of music playback
– FM tuner built-in with live pause
– 2GB shuffle = $49 and new iPod Nano- 16GB = $149
– Release date in October

Furthermore, you cna check out some screens from CNET’s live blog below: