Team Fortress 2 – The Gray Faction

Signs point to a third, mechanical faction that forces both Red and Blu to work together. After mulling over Team Fortress 2’s website, a user at NeoGAF noticed that bloodstains on the site linked to a message hinting at a “Gray faction”.

This weekend, Valve more or less confirmed its existence by releasing a dedicated will. Dedicated players then discovered a Valve-created ARG and solved it, leading to this webcomic.

A video, chronicles the finds:

From the hints provided, it can be guessed (if the picture didn’t blatantly say so) that this new third faction is primarily robotic, and has deep ties to the game’s Engineer. The front page even has a subtle tweak where the Scout, Spy, and Heavy are giving the Engineer a suspicious look. Just what kind of game mode this results in remains to be seen, but many have been pointing to a possible horde mode.

We’ll keep you posted