Razer Taipan Review

Razer is back in the market with a new ambidextrous mouse called the Taipan. The Taipan has an impressive 8200 DPI Dual sensor. However, it is currently priced at $80. So, will this mouse poison your hands or will it be the anti-venom of your choice.

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The Good

Ambidextrous ergonomics: Ambidextrous mice are not known for having the most ergonomic and comfortable shape, but the Razer Taipan brings some ergonomics to the forefront with a matte finish and rubberized side grips. This mouse may also be a good replacement for Diamondback users, and while the Taipan is a tad heavier it has similar contours and design.

Button location: The side buttons are raised up and smaller compared to the Razer Lachesis. Again, this raised up layout is similar to that of the Diamond back.

8200 DPI Dual Sensor: While 8200 is a bit overkill, the sensor still gets the job done very well. Compared to the Razer Lachesis there was no issues with lifting the lift off distance.

Razer Synapse: The drivers for the Razer Taipan are pretty neat. You can store your settings to your account on the cloud and load them up on any computer after downloading the drivers from Razer’s website. Furthermore, the drivers offer an array of customization.

The Bad

Price: The Razer Taipan is currently $80, which is a bit much for some gamers out there.

No Multi-color LED: Razer’s previous  ambidextrous mouse, the Razer Lachesis, had a RGB LED, which means you can change the color to suit your tastes. However, the Razer Taipan only has a green LED, which can only be turned on or off via the driver software.


The Razer Taipan is a culmination of Razor’s history with ambidextrous gaming mice. This mouse has great ergonomics for an ambidextrous focus. The Razer Taipan has an all around matte finish with ruberized side grips along with a great design. However, there are some minor issues with the mouse. Currently the Taipan is a bit pricey at $80 and it does not have a multi-color LED like the Razer Lachesis. Despite these issues, the Razer Taipan is definitely a worthwhile ambidextrous mouse that will provide you with an exceptional gaming experience.

Razer Taipan Review by FacTor-X