Rumor: Bethesda Now Owns the STALKER Name (Update)

A blogger from Ukraine claims that Bethesda now owns the rights to STALKER. Sergey Galyonkin, is the man behind this information and he has previously tipped off RPS about the cancellation of STALKER 2 a while back. So, this means there is a good chance that this could actually be true, but as stated in the title this is still a rumor.

Furthermore, supposedly the GSC CEO Sergei Grigorovich hasn’t completely sold the brand, but Bethesda can make games that take place in the extended universe using the STALKER name. When RPS reached out to Bethesda for additional information, they simply responded with the “no comment” line.


This rumor is currently not true as Bethesda’s Joe Mullin has stated the following on twitter:

the news that #Bethesda purchased the #Stalker rights is false. I hear anything new, you will all be the first to know!

So, as Joe puts it, this rumor is smashed until further notice.