Apple Reveals Retina Display for 15.4″ MacBook Pro

Apple revealed their new MacBook Pro at their WWDC (worldwide developers conference) and it has an amazing screen.


While it is still cheaper than the Razer’s Blade Laptop Apple’s new laptop is still pretty expensive (starting at $2199). However, is Apple setting a trend with these higher density pixel displays? It would be nice to see higher resolutions become standard with the hardware to back it up. While the 650m in the 15.4″ MacBook Pro is great, it may struggle doing 3D intensive tasks such as gaming at that resolution (Crysis Maxed out at that res with that GPU? PRobably not a good idea). But again, it would be nice to see more 15″ laptops have 1080p displays and 14″ laptops have 1600×900 displays. Either way, this very well may lead to manufacturers and PC retailers offering higher resolution displays to their consumers.