Volkswagen shows off Cool Hover Car Concept (Video)

This very well maybe the future of travel for several counties around the world. Volkswagen has launched an initiative to conjure up some futuristic ideas via it’s “People’s Car” project website. After filtering through the submissions, Volkswagen has narrowed down three concepts that were of high interest. One of the concepts is a car that can hover without the need for tires, clams to produce zero emissions, has a HUD (heads up display) embedded into the windshield, and is capable of both manual and automatic control (the car can drive itself). Check out the video of the hover car concept below.

(Not: This is a concept video. The car is CG and this is not a real life demonstration.)

Of course things such as the trunk space and the doors could use a bit of work. And, for those seeking more information regarding the applications and technology behind this vehicle here is another video:

Source: EEtimes