Apple Requested Kapersky For Security Analysis

For their main desktop operating system OS X.

Just about everyone in the PC gaming community knew this undesirable fact: you don’t gain computing market share without gaining a significant risk in security.

Many security experts have known for years of the increasing issues with Apple’s marketed “invulnerability” to malware practices that have steadily become more prominent over time. Despite showcased security breaches and sometimes bizarre ones at that, Apple had been keen to keep consumers in the dark about the supposed issues and quietly threw in a few updates to hopefully fix the problem.

No more hiding now. It has now come to light that Apple apparently requested security research firm Kapersky for help, and though Apple has kept mum on the subject, the same can’t be said for Kapersky. In an interview with Computing, Nikolai Grebennikov, CTO of Kapersky, had some rather shocking (or completely obvious) things to say about Apple’s security:

“Mac OS is really vulnerable,” he claimed, “and Apple recently invited us to improve its security. We’ve begun an analysis of its vulnerabilities, and the malware targeting it,” said Grebennikov.

Grebennikov claimed that, in his personal view, Apple does not take security seriously enough.

“Our first investigations show Apple doesn’t pay enough attention to security. For example, Oracle closed a vulnerability in Java, which was a target for a major botnet several months ago.”

That same vulnerability, resulted in the Flashback Trojan which turned 600,000 Macs into a botnet.

While this isn’t exactly like the case in 2008, where security researcher Charlie Miller hacked into OS X in less than 2 minutes, it’s still a bit unnerving.

At the very least, they’re working to beef up the security, though if you’re paranoid about security problems for your computer, there’s still another operating system out there that isn’t targeted like Windows and OS X.

Via Ars Technica