Paul Christoforo Sues Former Employer

Remember this guy? the one that caused a kerfuffle with Penny Arcade? Well now he’s breaking out the lawsuits. For defamation.

Few would forget the eruption that Mr. Christoforo’s Ocean Marketing caused when an annoyed customer asking about his delayed Avenger controller set off an internet firestorm. The incident eventually died down with Mr. Christoforo’s firing from N-Control (the creator of the Avenger controller) and the event was supposedly over allowing both parties to recover.

Fast forward to today. After an interview between N-Control CEO David Kotkin and Kotaku, Mr. Christofo has now launched a lawsuit against his former employer for defamation regarding some comments in the interview among other things:

David can talk all the talk he wants to, the filing is public record so all the dirty laundry and shenanigan’s he pulled will be exposed to the public. I have remained quiet and just fooling around on the internet building up to this law suit and now it’s only a matter of time before his text messages and emails to me are released to the public.

We’ll see how that turns out.

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