Is EA forcing people to use Origin now?

I seem to be the bearer of bad EA news lately. First Mass Effect 3 is a huge disappointment, then EA plans to follow Ubisoft’s example, and now they’re refusing to give people more SecuROM activations, which forces them to use Origin. A topic on the Steam forums has popped up with users talking about their experiences with EA’s support. The people in this topic have been trying to get more activations for Crysis Warhead but EA’s answer is to have them sign up for a Pogo account (Why?) and then gives them a key for Origin. EA refuses to say why they simply cannot continue playing their game on Steam (or a retail version like one person had) instead of having to install and use Origin.

EA has already reported that they have over 9 million Origin users, but this seems like a very sneaky way to increase those numbers. So if you run out of activations on one of your EA games don’t be surprised if they force you into using Origin.

Source: Steam Forums