Diablo 3 Beta Open to Everyone (Update)

It seems that there is a lot of people that can suddenly join the Diablo 3 Beta. Yep, if you have a battle.net account it seems that you can download the beta client and play the game. However, at this point in time it is unclear if this is a bug or Blizzard really let everyone in on the beta test.

A lot of users on the Blizzard forums have stated that this is the “starter edition” which is open to everyone. So, this could in fact be open to everyone for sometime. Either way, one thing is for sure, at this point in time, you may be able to get some Diablo 3 gameplay in with your account. You can download the beta client here on battle.net. Note you need to have created a battle.net account with a battle tag to play.


Remember how we said this could be a bug? Well unfortunately, that seems to be the case. Here’s what Blizzard community manager Nethaera stated in reply to the sudden maintenance that has occurred.

Just an accessibility error that we’re correcting. 😉

Until further notice it seems that all those wanting in will have to wait until the full game comes out on May 15th.

Update 2:

Blizzard has confirmed an open beta for this weekend.