Notch Receives Death Threats After illegal MineCraft Site Shutsdown

Notch has confirmed that he has received several death threats after a website illegally distributing Minecraft was shutdown.

I’ve received several death threats after the site giving out Minecraft for free shut down. That is seriously not cool.

One twitter user expressed their anger with the following message:

@notch why did you shut down minecraft for free first of all i dont want to spent 20 euros and minecraft is a game that must be free.

Yes, you just read that. Some of these individuals may not have seen the problem in downloading Minecraft for free. As you can imagine, Notch’s dedicated fans are worried about him. However, it seems that most of those complaining have been chalked up to some angry kids on the internet.

Oh, btw, they were from what sounds like kids, and I am not genuinely worried about my safety.