Metro 2033 Sells well Thanks to PC Gamers

THQ CEO Brain Farrell, let’s everyone in on the secret of how the game sold so well. He stated that most of sales came from European PC gamers, which may not be too surprising considering that some of the developers from the original STALKER were the masterminds behind Metro 2033.

Farrell did reveal that Europe has accounted for roughly two-thirds of Metro 2033 sales, as forecast by the publisher, with North America buying up the remaining units sold. “A lot of the sales were done on PC,” he added, “and a lot of the sales were also done through digital mechanisms that don’t get captured by any service.”

How much they profited on the game was a different story since development supposedly didn’t cost that much to begin with.

The CEO attributed profits to the game’s low-cost development model, “so when we get to even pretty modest levels of sales, we’re still making good money.” (First-time, Eastern European studios make cheap games, apparently.) “And we like that model going forward,” Farrell noted, when it produces a high-quality game.