Playstation 4 to Have Intel GPU More Powerful than GTX 680 (April Fools)

It seems that Intel’s Larrabee GPU has come into play for the next Playstation console. The once canceled GPU will be at the helm of the next generation architecture for consoles. In addition, according to our 100% reliable sources the PS4 will ditch all AMD products and instead will use an integrated Intel solution that contains a Larrabee based GPU.

Sony made the tough decision due to nvidia’s newest card, the GTX 680, which out paces the HD 7970. They simply felt that AMD wasn’t bringing enough to the table. Furthermore, we managed to snag a chart that leaked out, which shows how the card performs in the Unreal 4 Engine and the Unreal Samaritan tech demo.

This is simply amazing and we can expect to learn more about the system at this years E3. Be sure to check out the source for some exclusive leaked pictures of the PS4 before they are taken down.



April Fools! Yes, this article was entirely made up in good fun. I hope you enjoyed it.