Phantasy Star Online 2: Free-to-Play & Mobile

On smartphones? just how are they going to control their character then? It seems many new MMOs are on track to use the free-to-play pricing model these days, and Sega’s latest entry in their space-faring Action RPG is no different.

Launching this summer for PC, the successor to the original Dreamcast & Gamecube multiplayer game hopes to bring to the table what Phantasy Star Universe could not; a sustainable community franchise.

Unique for this entry in the series is the previously mentioned cross-platform play: the game will be available for the PC, PS Vita, and smartphones, though the campaign appears to be limited to single player for any that want to game on their cellular device (friend interaction is still available). Sega has noted that the PC version will be relatively scalable, allowing it to run on less powerful machines (a non-issue for fellow Smashers).

Closed beta tests are planned for late April. No word yet on distribution methods, but it’ll be free to download.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Website