GTX 680 Review Roundup

Nvidia’s Green monster is finally here and you can find it on websites such as First let’s check out the specs using a chart from

As you can see the GTX 680 is priced at $500 USD with a massive amount of stream processors on a 28nm manufacturing process. It is important to note that the stream processor count can be misleading as this is an architecture change. While 1536 seems like an insane amount it is not comparable to the architecture from the previous generation. These key differences from the last generation are important to take into account as lower models such as the GTX 670 come into the picture.



Unfortunately, the GTX 680 isn’t exactly the powerful beast that was rumored to equal three GTX 580s. However, the GPU still packs quite a punch for the price. At $500 the GTX 680 manages to successfully bring the price performance ratio onto their side of the court while sporting decent temperature and power consumption figures. In most cases the card performs a bit better than the HD 7970 and at times comes close to or out performs a GTX 590. Overall, Nvidia’s new GPU is still quite a product that brings a lot to the table.