Borderlands 2 To Have Proper PC Version

Or so says Gearbox in a deliberate love-letter to PC gamers. After a series of complaints about the lack of adjustments and players getting physically sick, it seems Gearbox (and maybe 2K as well, but I won’t get my hopes up) has listened.

The list for the PC version features necessities are as follows:

  • FOV Slider
  • 100% Mouse Usable Menus/Mouse wheel scrolling
  • Remappable keybindings for Keyboard/Mouse
  • PC Specific UI
  • Native multiplayer matchmaking
  • Push to talk
  • Logitech Keybard support
  • LAN support (offline)
  • Control Pad Support
  • V-Sync
  • Higher resolution support
  • Mouse smoothing (disable option available)
  • Cloud saving
  • Achievements
  • Friend’s list support (Steam)
  • Zero port forwarding required

It’s amazing that some of these things were even taken out, considering they are PC gaming staples.

Now then Gearbox, how about releasing an official FOV patch for the original Borderlands so I can actually finish the game? Or do I still have to resort to mods?

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