More Kepler Details Released

Some more information trickles out onto the web pertaining to Nvidia’s next GPU. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be “Kepler Day” turned out to be the release of a few snippets of new information. First off, the sources claim the die size is now known to be around 300mm². This is will fall somewhere around the size of the G92b’s (9800 GTX+) die size (this is smaller than expected). Next, the new GPU (the GK104), according to the sources, will be officially named the GTX 680. And finally, the release date of the top of the line Kepler GPU is now speculated to be March 23rd. Here is a leaked picture of the G92b GPU sitting next to a GK104 GPU from

In addition, Nvidia has plans to cut the price of the GTX 580 and those price cuts will be implemented within the next few days.

Update: The picture and the corresponding article has been pulled off of, but the source is still legitimate.