It only takes 1 Kepler GPU to Match 3 GTX 580s?

Apparently what takes 3x GTX580’s will take 1 Kepler GPU to run. Remember the Samaritan tech demo, which was a demonstration of Epic’s Unreal Engine? Well, according to, it will only require one of Nvidia’s next GPUs to run the demo in real time.

It would be exciting to see such a leap in GPU performance considering the lackluster jump from previous generations (AMD 5 to 6 to 7 series and Nvidia’s 4 to 5 series refresh). So, maybe this will make up for the lack of excitement over the past two years? Hopefully this will drive AMD’s prices down and spark some real competition between the two companies.

We’ll find out more details on Martch 12th, which is when Nvidia plans to fully disclose everything Kepler related.