Alan Wake PC Review

It’s a dark world out there for a writer especially if your name is Alan Wake. Fortunately, Remedy has decided to turn the page and take a footstep into the light for PC gamers. The PC version of Alan Wake sports higher resolution textures as well as some other nice enhancements. So, will this game keep the light shinning or will it run out of batteries?

The Good

Night Falls: Every now and then you will come across a TV which will have an episode of this Twilight Zone copy cat known as Night Springs. Each episode is packed with hilarious irony that you can’t afford to pass up. You just need to take a break from the darkness around you and enjoy the show.

Graphics: You can play in higher resolutions combined with in game AA support (surprisingly an AA setting is still hard to find in some modern games). Furthermore, Remedy also tweaked some other effects and added in higher resolution textures. The game definitely provides gamers with a beautiful landscape that is pleasing to the eye. However, while the extra effort put into game shows, it would have been nice if took it a step further with some DX10 or DX11 support combined with tessellation. Overall, the graphics and graphics options are great and Remedy managed to visally improve the game compared to its console counterpart.

Barry Wheeler: This pompous and loudmouth agent of yours actually adds quite a bit to the story. Barry provides the game with that added feeling of excitement as well as a real sense that you aren’t alone in the world. In addition, he will also throw out some funny comments especially when it comes to being overwhelmed by enemies.

Complete Edition: Fortunately, the game comes with both DLC episodes. The two episodes really help with the otherwise lackluster ending from the main story. The Signal DLC picks up right after the ending and you find yourself trying to makes sense of your surroundings and your own imagination. Next, the Writer DLC starts after the Signal DLC and ties it together to further clarify the story. The overall ending still may leave more to be desired, but it successfully paves the way for a sequel.

The Bad

A little late? The game was originally designed with the PC in mind. I am sure some of you remember that Intel demonstration running on an Intel quad core a few years ago. Unfortunately, they canned the PC version soon after that and it left PC gamers’ scratching their heads. Some individuals actually believe this is due to Microsoft’s agenda regarding full Xbox exclusivity for their product, which is what Microsoft did with Bungie’s later games in the Halo series. It even got to a point where Microsoft started throwing out odd excuses for the lack of a PC port such as the dreaded couch comment. As a result, this mess boiled down to a late release for the PC version of the game.

A little repetitive: The game can get a bit repetitive at times. You may constantly find you self going from one light source to the next after fighting each enemy wave. Fortunately, Remedy did add some new items and weapons as you go through the game to keep it fresh such as flash bangs, flares, a better flash light, and more. In addition, you also play some segments with a partner such as Barry, which keeps the whole atmosphere from seeming boring and unexciting.


The darkness has found a light in Remedy’s PC port of Alan Wake. The game is a great port that will satisfy fans who waited for such a long time. Additionally, the game is reasonably priced at around $30 at the time of this review and it comes with the additional DLC episodes. Overall, Alan Wake is a entertaining and engaging experience that successfully transitions to the PC platform.

Alan Wake PC Review Written by FacTor-X