Leaked: SimCity 5 Screens

With a few minor details from a Spanish-speaking site. After SimCity Societies and way too many The Sims expansions, it’s good to see Maxis back in the proper city-building mold.

Translated Details:

  • Genre: Construction of cities.
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts.
  • Developer: Maxis (Darkspore, GS06/11: 60 points).
  • Date: 2013.
  • State: 30% of development.
  • New graphics engine and road round.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Buildings updatable.
  • The various cities.
  • Send infographics.
  • positioning of the camera

Here’s to the creation of great and beautiful cities and their absolute destruction using whatever sadistic ways of disaster the developers put into the game. Assuming it doesn’t crash to the desktop every few hours.

Via NeoGAF