Origin Automatically Adding Games?

Don’t be surprised if games you bought elsewhere suddenly start popping up in your Origin library.

Yes, PC gamer’s have been griping about Origin taking your system information and sending it to EA, thinking the corporate overlords throw it all into a black cauldron to make witch’s brew. Whether or not EA’s management actually practices witchcraft is beyond me, but a recent forum post from Day One Patch seems to shed light on things they are experimenting on:

I just booted up Origin today to play BF3 and I see Dead Space 2 there. Why? I bought this game on Steam 4 months ago. I just beat it last week and haven’t booted it up since. The purchase date in Origin states Feb 18, 2012 (today). The CD keys match.

What the hell? Why is Origin doing this? HOW is Origin doing this?

Another fact that relatively few gamers seem to know about is that Origin will install any Electronic Arts published title, whether it was bought from Amazon or Steam, by simply having you type the product key in; effectively giving you another (client locked) digital copy of the same game. In this instance, as you can guess from the post above, EA (perhaps disturbingly) bypassed the user input altogether and automatically added the game to the Origin library using information from the hard-drive scan.

Creepy or convienient? Whatever the case is, this hasn’t happened for everyone yet; the most common title that seems to be showing up is Dead Space 2. I’m still waiting for Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge, and SimCity 4 to appear.

Via Joystiq
Day One Patch