It’s a Good Day For Nintendo Fans

More specifically, North American Nintendo fans as release dates and confirmations are announced. The Regginator’s recent Nintendo address has brought a sling of good news for Nintendo console peasants owners, many hoping for localizations of certain titles:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles, the game that created the fan-based Operation Rainfall campaign, has a set release date for April 6th, 2012.
  • The Last Story, another title that many people have been demanding, is also set for a North American release sometime this summer. The game, developed by Mistwalker (Lost Odyssey), is the second of three exclusive RPGs that were originally slated to never release outside Japan, the third being Pandora’s Tower. RPG publisher XSEED (one of the few that seem to care these days) will be taking the helm for the localization.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening is the official title for the latest in the series set to launch for the 3DS. No word yet on if this one will see daylight outside of Japan but it’s likely given the release history since the GBA versions. (We’ll forget that black sheep called Shadow Dragon)

You can find the rest of the address below. Meanwhile, at IGN, the faithful are laughing themselves silly.

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