Microsoft Experimenting with Touchscreen Controllers?

Xbox World magazine’s sources claim that Microsoft is experimenting with a “Wii U-Like” based controller for the next XBOX. Additionally, the source provides us with the following quote:

[The next XBOX controller]… will be a matt-black media hub with a mission to bring games to life in your living room with augmented reality, directional sound, and a four-player, finger-tracking Kinect. [The] touchcreen will be second only to Kinect in how you operate your console. [The new controller] could be a remote control when you’re watching TV, a browser when you’re on the internet, extra buttons and information when you’re playing a game or a portable display when you want to take your game with you.

The size of the controller is speculated to be around the size of Sony’s PlayStation Vita. This means it will probably be a bit smaller than the Wii U controller. Also, the initial cost of the console will be affected by this new controller as well.