The Case For Field-of-View (FOV) Adjustment

2K appears to be at it again with another strange argument supporting their fixed FOV for The Darkness II. Thank Total Biscuit for coming up with a reasoned counter that shows why this sometimes missed feature should be a staple in PC gaming options:

As you may have heard from the video, this isn’t the first that 2K has butted heads with PC gamers over FOV. The last notable instance was indeed with BioShock 2 where Eyefinity users, annoyed with the game’s FOV incompatibility, had to deal with one of the most silly optimistic fixes ever.

So what’s the big deal with FOV? Aside from proper visuals, it was also mentioned in the Gaming Sickness Guide as a key component to gaming comfort for those (like me) that suffer from motion sickness. It was for this very reason that I avoided playing Half-Life 2 for so long (before I knew what was causing it) and why I still haven’t been able to finish Borderlands.

FZD offers a more detailed example of why this is important, especially for PC gamers:

In the meantime, I’m not touching that game with a 10-ft pole.