Rumor: Entire Nvidia 6 Series (Kepler) Revealed

If these rumored specs are true, Nvidia fans are in for a real treat in the next few months. According to the charts below from, there will be a GTX 680 sporting a massive 1024 stream processors and priced at a whopping $650. The card is expected to perform 45% better than the current HD 7970, which gives Nvidia the top spot in single card GPU performance.

Additionally down the line, there are plans for a GTX 690 dual GPU solution that packs 2048 stream processors in total. As you may have already expected, the price on that one is also insane. However, the good news is that cheaper alternatives such as the GTX 670 and GTX 660 Ti are set to beat AMD’s offerings at a lower price. As a result, AMD will most likely drop their prices to counter act this move by Nvidia.

If these specs are in fact valid, then the next few months could be quite interesting for both sides of the camp. Hopefully, this will generate some action to lower prices and in the end the consumer wins. So, don’t forget to grab some popcorn while you sit back and wait.