Half-Life: Dreamcast Released

No, Dreamcast is not some odd codename. This version of half-life is literally a port of the Dreamcast console version of the game. Why would anyone want to port the Dreamcast variant? Well, apparently the Dreamcast version of Half-life was made by Gearbox and it actually has content that is not present in other releases. In fact, some content such as the character models may actually be of higher quality compared to Valve’s HD pack that was previously released on PC. Here’s a breakdown taken from the team’s Moddb page:

Half-Life: Dreamcast is a PC port of the unreleased Sega Dreamcast console version of Half-Life developed by Gearbox Software originally slated for release in late 2000. The Dreamcast game contains a host of unique content that has not appeared in any other iteration of Half-Life, but up until now it was all confined solely to this forgotten port. That is, until now! The PC port allows you to play this lost game as a mod for Half-Life on Steam. This is a fascinating curiosity that any true Half-Life fan will want to check out!

Yes, the mod/port is available right now. The only requirement is that you have the original Half-Life installed on Steam. Click here to head on over to their Moddb page and take a look for yourself.