Hey! Remember This Diablo-Clone?

No, not Torchlight, I’m talking about that one made by the Koreans. NCsoft might flinch a little at their game being called a “Diablo-clone” but perhaps it’s not such a bad thing being compared to one of the most celebrated franchises in the industry. The game, called Lineage Eternal seems to have gone largely under the radar in the west (aside from some MMO sites) as an actual release outside of Korea isn’t confirmed yet. You’ll notice this video was posted back in November of last year:

Graphically, the game seems like a good contender to Diablo III, but we’ll have to see how the other features pan out.

One key difference is that NCsoft still labels it as an apparent MMORPG; it’s a direct sequel to Lineage II and was featured at Korea’s biggest MMO showcase, GStar. If it does make its way outside of Korea though, you can bet I’ll be looking for party members. Assuming it doesn’t turn into another Korean grindfest.