Imagination Touts 20x the Performance with Their New Series6 GPUs

This old school company packs a hefty hammer when it comes to mobile GPU solutions. Some may remember the PowerVR line of GPUs that went up against Nvidia and ATI back in the 90’s. They eventually had to withdraw from making consumer desktop GPUs, but it wasn’t long before they were back in the game with their mobile graphics solutions for smartphones and tablets.

Today, Imagination technologies is clearly making name for itself and it now claims to be able to achieve 20x the performance over their previous line of GPUs with their new dual core Series6 G6200 and G6400 GPUs.

The company announced the Series6 with two core designs — the PowerVR G6200 and G6400 GPUs. The graphics maker claims to have somehow bumped its core efficiency 500 percent, for a total claimed game of 20x over rival core designs.

Imagination Tech. claims its chips to dominate in both GFLOPS/mm2 (computing power per footprint) and GFLOPS/mW (computing power vs power consumption)…the Series6 GPU cores are capable of exceeding 100 gigaflops and are said to approach the teraflop range.

That’s quite a claim, and it may just be true. The iPhone 4S already has a SGX543MP2 GPU that is very competitive with Tegra 3, and in most cases can outperform Nvidia’s mobile offerings . Also, Sony will use a modified version of the SGX543 for its Playstation Vita that will bring up to twice the performance of the iPad2’s GPU.

In addition, Imagination Technologies has plans to support DirectX 11.1 (currently their GPUs support DX10). It looks like these new GPUs will give Tegra 4 and 5 (Wayne and Logan) a run for their money. There is certainly a bright and competitive future for Imagination Technologies.