StarCraft 2 beta key Competition

I managed to get a StarCraft 2 beta key and a few of you wanted to have a competition for it. Well, here is your chance! Many of you have noticed that I attempted to make a StarCraft 2 random image. I thought it looked pretty cool, and I am still refining it. However, we could use more StarCraft 2 images! Thus, you are presented with your challenge!


-Make a StarCraft 2 random image.


-Must be in png format.
-Must be exactly 300px (width) by 167px (height).
-Must have a StarCraft 2 character in it.
-Must have some transparency around the character.
-It does not have to be funny, but a good sense of humor (not over the top) might help you out.



-Just post your image below.


-This will be a short competition, it might be a few days to a week.
-Either my bro and I will decide or we will have a poll. This will depend on the submission quality.

Note: We only have one beta key to give away so who ever has the best image wins and that’s it. If you don’t win, we encourage you to actually pre-order the game and get a key. Hell, the game is awesome anyway right!?