MSI Thunderbolt External GPU Solution at CES

External GPUs are on the rise again with some thunder behind it. The cool thing about Thunderbolt is the bandwidth it can provide. Currently Thunderbolt can deliver 20Gb/s (or 2.5GB/s). This is around AGP 8x speeds, but are certainly faster than USB 3.0’s 5Gb/s (625MB/s). However, there are plans to scale Thunderbolt’s bandwidth up to 100Gb/s (12.5GB/s), which brings us right into PCI Express territory. However, since Thunderbolt has yet to be scaled as high as 100Gb/s the external Thunderbolt GPU uses a HD5770.

The next problem of course is availability and cost. The cables have yet to come down in price and can cost around $50, and the availability of Thunderbolt within laptop/desktops/motherboards is scarce. So, this solution is a bit off, and maybe a decent alternative to integrated graphics for those who may jump into the on coming ultrabook craze.