LG and Samsung Show Off 55″ OLED TVs

Samsung jumps in with LG to show off their new OLED TVs. Now, these TVs arn’t going to be cheap, but will ultimately pave the way for future consumer displays. Both TVs utilize RGB sub pixels, which utilize the organic light emitting diode materials. These displays are true OLED displays and do not use traditional LEDs or Liquid crystals (LCD) technology.

So, what innovations do OLED displays have over LCD/Plasma/LED LCD TVs? Well to list a few:

  1. Extremely thin (even thinner than LED TVs). They are so thin that companies can produce flexible displays as well as embeds them within T-Shirts, watches, and maybe even for wallpaper.
  2. Much higher native/static contrast ratio. This is due to the fact that these TVs use OLEDs for both the display and for the back light.
  3. Much higher response times and refresh rates
  4. Lower Average Power Consumption
  5. Better viewing angles
  6. Better color reproduction and quality