Kinect for Windows PCs Announced for Feb 1st

Microsoft is going to officially launch Kinect for Windows this February. While the Microsoft CES 2012 conference was rather disappointing, there were some nice announcements. You can view the announcement from Steve Ballmer regarding Kinect for Windows below:

You can check out the box in the picture above. In addition, Microsoft has an official website for the launch. It is also interesting to note that on the box it says “PC optimized – not for use with Xbox360”. So, this means that this specific version of the Kinect is meant only for your Windows PC instead and it cannot be used with an Xbox360. In fact Kinect for Windows will have a new camera which can be used at closer distances while sitting at your desk.


The Windows Kinect variant will cost around $250, which is 100 dollars more than the Xbox 360 Kinect. The price point increase is supposedly due to the new camera and software packaged with the device. Also, Larry Hryb a member for the Xbox development team confirms via twitter that the Windows version of the Kinect will only work with the SDK installed, which means it will not work with the Xbox 360:

That sensor will only work on computers running the SDK software

You can also preorder Kinect for Windows on