Dark Souls PC Petition Gains Momentum

The game which some people have dubbed the best RPG of 2011 is currently a console exclusive and it has sparked the interest of many PC gamers. In fact, PC gamers have started their own petition to get Dark Souls on the platform. Our favorite Brit also chimes in on the matter:

Unfortunately, a NAMCO Bandai community manager has stated that there were no plans for a PC version of the game awhile back. Perhaps this decision has been reversed as the following comment from a community manager was posted recently:

There is always possibilities to have games adapted on PC and the good news is that Dark Souls is not a 100% typical Console game so the adaptation is possible.
Now to make things happen, let’s say the demand has to be properly done. someone to make a successful petition?


Maybe this new rise in support may get the publishers/ developers to change their minds. Currently the petition has around 15,000 signatures and it is still growing at a decent pace.

Sources: petitionbureau.org, namcobandaigames.eu