The Truth Behind Publisher’s Stance on SOPA

Any member of the ESA that says anything against SOPA or tries to claim they take no stance is doing nothing but speaking complete and utter BS. To explain further I’ll talk a little about the ESA.

The ESA is the Entertainment Software Association. They represent the interests of the game industry in all legislative matters. They also act as the official voice of the industry. In short their job is to protect the best interests of the publishers. The ESA were the ones that lead the game industry to a huge victory last year that granted games First Amendment protection from the Supreme Court.

They have also started a voters network to try and get gamers more involved in voting and they claim to want to support gamer’s freedoms. Of course by supporting SOPA they are doing the exact opposite and pushing our country further down the road of mass internet censorship, turning our internet into a copy of China’s where only websites the government authorizes will exist.

The members of the ESA are as follows:

This information is taken directly from the ESA’s own website. Due to their assosiation with the ESA every single one of these companies support SOPA and everything that stand for. Sony Computer Entertainment America, Electronic Arts, and Nintendo at one point had their name on the SOPA list of supporters (full list here).

SCEA, EA, and Nintendo removed themselves from the list, and have now hidden their support under the umbrella of the ESA. Epic Games spoke out against SOPA, trying to gain gamer love while still supporting the ESA and their efforts.

Capcom recently pulled the worst offense. They refused to take any stance instead insulting every single member of the gaming press that dared to report on their comments. They tried to claim they simply want to make games and not talk politics. Sorry Capcom that isn’t enough. As long as you support SOPA and let them “support you in legislative matters” you support SOPA. SOPA is a legislative matter and so by saying they support you it means you support it.

To make a long story short publishers do not have the balls to say anything because they are afraid of backlash and they should be, but this passive crap won’t cut it. Destructiod put up an article urging it’s members to contact the ESA and it’s members and ask them to consider the long-term ramifications of their actions and to stop supporting SOPA. Until these publishers leave the ESA or the ESA itself ends it’s support of SOPA every single member listed up there supports it fully, no matter what their PR agents try to spin. I urge every member of this site to contact the ESA, it’s members, and then to get the word out further.

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