LG is getting serious about pushing OLED into homes sooner than you think. We’ve seen various OLED TV models before, but LG is one of the first companies to kick off the OLED TV revolution.

From what we’ve seen, LG is serious about its OLED manufacturing, where it invested $226 million in mid-2010 to create a new production facility, tripling its OLED capacity. Many other manufacturers are whispering about OLED screens. There are already smaller OLED screens available now, albeit at exorbitant prices. There are small OLED screens on millions of smartphones

The specifications of the pictured OLED TV is as follows:

Size: 55 inch
Model: 55EM9600
Resolution: 1080p Full HD
Contrast ratio: 100,000,000:1
Refresh rate: less than 0.1 microseconds
Panel depth: 4mm
Weight: 16.5 pounds
Features: 3D Ready, 2D Ready, Triple XD engine

OLED TV’s will bring consumers superior contrast ratios (since there is no need for a back-light the organic materials emit their own light), even thinner displays (they can even bend and be embedded within a T-Shirt), much better viewing angles, more vibrant colors, and lower average power consumption. Basically, they are better in almost every respect when compared to LCD or LED LCD TVs.

The promising fact: huge OLED screens can be printed onto razor-thin surfaces using a process akin to an inkjet printer, theoretically making them even cheaper to produce than today’s LCD and plasma screens. And the screens have much faster response time, with refresh rates that could (again, theoretically) reach 100,000 Hz.

Source: Guru3D.com, OLD-Display.net