TF2: Christmas Update

The first day of the new “Australian Christmas” update brings some interesting toys to the mix. Of the current new weapons we know about, two of them appear to be designed to help against medics:

Engineer Shotgun – The Pomson 6000: a penetrating, no ammo shotgun that decreases a medigun charge by 10% and lowers spy cloaks by 20% per hit.

Engineer Wrench – The Eureka Effect: this one will be interesting as it allows an engineer to instantly teleport back to the spawn while losing their ability to carry equipment. Not as useful for mini-sentry users like myself, but for Level 3 static defense and some sneaky teleporter placements, this seems like a Godsend.

Pyro Axe – The Third Degree: this unique weapon channels the melee damage and spreads it towards anyone linked to a medic beam.

Pyro Flamethrower – The Phlogistinator: you may start hearing some complaints about this one, though not because of the “Mmmph” meter which heals you and activates a crit. It’ll be due to the removal of the air-blast ability which may irk some of your teammates as you’ll be unable to deflect rockets, deflect grenades, put out fires, juggle, prevent spies from escaping, and from pushing back a devastating uber-pair.

Pyro Secondary – The Manmelter 3600 ZX: this baby one the other hand, will encourage airblasting as it gives you a critical for every single teammate you extinguish.

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