Diablo 3 Opening Cinematic will be at the VGAs

“And the heavens shall tremble” were the the exact words that threw fans in an uproar of speculation. Blizzard community manager, Bashiok, tweeted that statement a few days ago and fans were quite puzzled as to what the surprise could be. As a result, the Diablo 3 forums were flooded with speculation and anticipation in hopes for either an open beta or an actual release date for the game.

Unfortunately, the open beta part was ruled out due to previous comments from community managers stating that there would only be a closed beta for Diablo 3. The only thing left was the release date. Before things got out of hand, the official Diablo twitter account posted that it was all about the opening cinematic of Diablo 3. While it’s not necessarily as good as an open beta or a release date for the game, this news is certainly something to look forward to if you are a Diablo fan. The full Diablo 3 opening cinematic will be shown at the Video Game Awards on December 10th.

Sources: Bashiok’s Twiiter Account, Official Diablo Twitter Account