Rumor: The Next Xbox Codename and Release Date Revealed

This console generation can only last so long, and if this rumor is true, gamers may be in for a treat sooner than expected. Some rumors circulating about the next generation of consoles speculate a release sometime in 2013. Of course we already know that the Wii U is set for 2012, but what about the next Xbox and the next PlayStation?

Unfortunately, this rumor is only for the next Xbox, but if this turn out to be true, then this could mean the next PlayStation will follow soon after. Paul Thurrot, who owns, claimed on the Windows Weekly podcast that he has insider information regarding the next Xbox. Thurrot states that the next Xbox is codenamed “ten” and will be released “Holiday 2012”, which is about one year away. Furthermore, he also suggests that they will show Microsoft’s new console at CES 2012, which runs from January 10-13th.

The story doesn’t end there. He also states that the next Xbox will have tight integration with Windows 8 and the Windows Phone. You can listen in on these details for yourself at 1:28:10 on the Windows Weekly Podcast.