HP Touchpad Updated Plus Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Debuts

Yes, HP still has some love left for its Touchpad. The new updates bring a few additions that improve WebOS’s capabilities. Additionally, Android releases their new Android 4.0 OS, which may later have an impact on Touchpad users.

HP just released their 3.0.477 patch. The new update improves performance, stability, and adds a few new features to the mix. The main two features added are the ability to connect to non-WebOS devices, and an app which provides the Touchpad with the capability to efficiently take pictures and record video. HP’s official blog lists the following:

-A new Camera app for photos and video
-The ability to pair non-webOS phones to your TouchPad, so you can answer calls on your TouchPad. Pairing with non-webOS Bluetooth keyboards has also been streamlined.
-Support for OGG Vorbis music files
-Online/offline messaging status support.

In addition to new features, you’ll also experience better performance, user interface improvements, and other enhancements such as support for accelerometer events in Adobe Flash Player, and more robust Skype video calling. For more details about the update, click here.

Some users, including myself, have noticed an apparent boost when web browsing. Now, launching new windows and websites load and respond faster. This is a clear indication that it is not the hardware that is holding the Touchpad back, but the software. WebOS was buggy, bloated, and slow in the beginning, which was the cause of such poor reviews upon release.

However, Android is looking better everyday, and one day in the near future Touchpad users will have the option to load Google’s latest Android 4.0 OS codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich looks to improve user functionality and add a host of new features. Check out the video show casing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus running the new Android 4.0 OS:

New features of Ice Cream Sandwich include:

-Brand new typeface for Android in the shape of the easy-to-read “Roboto.”
-Improved System Bar and Action Bar capabilities
-New voice input engine for voice control
-Improved multitasking
-Improved Camera UI
-Face unlock
-Improved folder system with home screen folders
-Improved notifications
-Customisable favorites tray
-Resize widget for phones
-Built-in apps for monitoring data usage over Wi-Fi or Cellular

Checkout TechRadar for more information.

Also, group over at RootzWiki known as the Cyanogenmod team are hard at work porting Android to the Touchpad. Right now they are working on an earlier build (Gingerbread), but in the coming months work on porting Android’s new 4.0 OS may be set in motion once the SDK is released.

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