Crytek: Free demos won’t last forever

Talking to Develop Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that he does not believe that free demos will be around forever.Yerli’s statement was made in regards to EA’s plan for what analyst Micheal Patcher called “extended demos”. While EA has stated that they will not cease doing normal demos or ever charge for traditionally free demos, Yerli believes that the age of free demos is coming to an end. He says that free demos are unique to the game industry, something we don’t see in movies or other industries. He claims the outrage at EA’s plans is solely due to us having been accustomed to free demos for so long. He goes on to say this:

“I think the whole [non-free “demo”] issue needs to be explained in a better way, because there is good thinking behind EA’s plan. I understand why people are thinking that all EA wants to do is maximize profits out of the audience. What it’s really trying to do,” continued Yerli, “is get investment back but while being as fair to the gamer as much as it can. Ultimately, it will be a better deal for the gamer.”

I can see his point and he could be right. However I find it premature to praise the idea until we see exactly how EA is going to implement it. People’s fears could very well turn out to be valid. I do not see anything wrong with free demos myself. Yes it is a bit unique to the industry, but it works. Even if a demo releases after the game itself it can still help. I don’t see a paid preview being a better solution for the consumer. So the idea of free demos going away I find as a very bad proposition right now. Even with the current state of demos and “betas” they are better than having nothing at all.

When asked if Crysis 2 will have a demo Yerli said that they do not know yet. They have not made a decision on that at this point in time. They need to “think about it” before giving a final answer. I do not like the way he dances around that issue. It does not give me confidence in seeing a demo for this title and that could potentially be harmful for the game, especially considering all the performance issues the first title had.

Source: Destructoid