Gran Turismo 5 Finally Gets DLC

To coincide with Forza 4’s upcoming release? You can bet on it. Gran Turismo 5 has had a steady release of free updates since it’s launch back in November, with many little tweaks that the team at Polyphony Digital have carefully implemented from community feedback. This next free update however, will be much more dramatic.

In addition to a slew of performance updates that quicken loading and response times, Gran Turismo 5 will finally, finally, have in-cockpit view mode for all of their 1,000+ cars. Yes, we know there are quite a few similar GT-Rs and NSXs in the line-up but it’s still a great addition nonetheless. Other features include a 2011 update for all of the NASCAR stockcars in the game and the ability to save in the middle of an endurance race; no more having to leave your PS3 on all day for Le Mans.

Finally, the DLC for new cars and tracks that was promised before will finally make an appearance. No word on what they will be yet, but one can always speculate. A premium Bugatti Veyron? A Koenigsegg? The entire Porsche line-up?

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