Resident Evil 6 Teaser Trailer (Update)

A shaky cam video showing off Resident Evil 6 at TGS has hit the web. You will notice some numbers, which appear to be coordinates. Some users have pointed out that the coordinates translate to Thunder Bay city, Ontario, Canada. So, this means the next Resident Evil game will most likely take place in Canada. Hopefully you are able to check out the teaser trailer below as there is no guarantee it will be available by the time you read this news post.


Despite conflicting claims that this is a teaser trailer for Resident Evil 6, the trailer is supposedly fake. However, kotaku states that despite this new claim, they had previously recieved word that RE6 was at TGS behind closed doors.

Despite early morning confirmations from a representative from Capcom Japan that the trailer posted above was being shown in the company’s closed theatre at the Tokyo Game Show, sources have since told us that this trailer is not real.

So, at this point in time there is a strong possibility that the trailer above is nothing more than an elaborate ruse in an attempt to get the internet jolting around with rumors and speculation.