Radeon HD 7900 Utilizing Rambus XDR2 Memory

Wait, Rambus? We haven’t heard from these guys since… the PS3. Yes, Rambus. The guys responsible for XDR technology that is currently the main system memory used in the PlayStation 3? The rights holders for the expensive RDRAM in 1999 and early 2000’s? The one company that has had a long history of legal issues with various PC-tech companies? Yes, that Rambus.

It’s an odd thing to hear after Taiwan-based DRAM manufacturers shunned the technology in 2005, but AMD might be up to something with its inclusion in their upcoming high-end Tahiti chips.

Performance wise, Rambus claims that XDR2 is capable of offering twice the bandwidth over current GDDR5 models and consumes 30% less power at the same bandwidth.

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