Diablo III Let’s Players Use Real Money and Forces Players to Stay Online

Recent news about one of the most anticipated Blizzard titles may have some questioning the new additions. The game will now allow players to use real or game currency to buy and sell items at the in-game auction house. Additionally, the game now requires all players to have a constant internet connection in order to play the game. That’s right, there is no single player or offline mode to play.

The reasons they list for abandoning a single player mode is attributed to the following:

Diablo III players will always be connected to their friends through Battle.net, Blizzard says, with a persistent friends list, cross-game chat and the ability to join up with other players online at any time. That means that to play Diablo III, players will be required to have a constant internet connection, even if they’re facing Diablo and his demonic siblings alone. Unlike Blizzard’s StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, players cannot play the game’s campaign offline.

Blizzard says the always-on internet connection also helps prevent cheating, item duplication and character hacking, the greater annoyances that would interfere with (or completely ruin) the Diablo III Auction House.

Of course there will be a listing and transaction fee associated with using real currency (Blizzard has yet to disclose the actual percentage/amount). One could imagine that the fees associated with online transactions will be attributed to the fact that Diablo III will remain a subscription free game. Also, this will allow Blizzard to cover any additional server related costs (your player information has to be saved somewhere).

Finally, Hardcore mode players won’t be able to use the auction house due to the player’s one life restriction.

Source: Kotaku.com