Team Fortress 2 Revolt: Servers Ban F2P

The drama continues in a war of influence between premium and free-to-play. When Valve decided to move their hit multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2, into a free-to-play model, the reaction was of course mixed. Some welcomed the influx of new players while others groaned at the possibility of increased cheaters and griefers.

Spies may be the happiest at the new development as they are currently having the time of their lives backstabbing new players who don’t watch their back, don’t spy-check, and have no idea what a Dead Ringer does.

But of course, all is not well in the Team Fortress 2 community.

Unable to stand breathing the same oxygen any longer, the glorious premium master race has openly revolted against the dirty free-to-play peasantry by introducing a new server mod that segregates the two different accounts. The mod effectively allows administrators to adjust their private servers to automatically boot and/or ban any free-to-play account that attempts to log into their server.

One outraged player has even requested that Valve ban the new mod, but since this only affects private servers, it may as well fall on deaf ears.

Valve has yet to release any statement on the mod. We’ll keep you posted.