Intel Claims Future On-die GPU solutions will Rival Today’s Discrete Offerings

In 2013, Intel’s Haswell architecture will have on-die GPUs that will rival today’s discrete offerings. Haswell is scheduled after Ivy Bridge and promises some hefty performance improvements. This isn’t the first time Intel has tried to rival modern discrete GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. In the past, Intel has proposed a discrete destop GPU codenamed Larrabee. Intel’s Larrabee was supposed to deliver an innovative GPU architecture and new development features. However, Larrabee has been pushed back and will only be for high performance server clusters.

Now Intel wants to bring serious performance to the table in the form of on-die GPUs. Intel’s 22nm Haswell architecture will utilize the same power-saving tri-gate 3D transistor technology as Ivy Bridge and will have dedicated vector coprocessor to assist the on-die GPU.

But, will Haswell be capable of delivering high end performance comparable to that of AMD’s HD6970 or Nvidia’s GTX 580? It will be interesting to see just how far Intel will be able to take Hawell’s on-die GPU performance and if it can keep up with future releases of AMD’s Llano on-die GPU solutions.