Team Fortress 2 is Now Free To Play

The critically acclaimed team-based shooter is now supported fully by micro-transactions. Valve’s Robin Walker breaks it down for us in an interview with Develop-Online.

How did the idea of making Team Fortress 2 free-to-play come around?

We’ve been toying with the idea ever since the Mann-conomy update, where we added the in-game Team Fortress 2 store.

Over the years we’ve done a bunch of price experimentations with the game, going all the way down to $2.49 in our random one-hour Halloween sales.

The more we’ve experimented, the more we’ve learned there are fundamentally different kinds of customers, each with their own way of valuing the product.

Now that we’re shipping it, it feels like a fairly straightforward next step along the “Games as Services” path we’ve been walking down for a while now.

Finally announced as free to play forever, I had figured as much with the addition of free to play games to the steam market and valves drive to get as many people playing and registering their credit cards as possible. Sounds like another smart move from the guys over at valve.

If you have any questions you can also check out Valve’s official TF2 Free to Play FAQ.